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Crostini cutter

Product description

Automatic cutting machine crostini, a machine that really gives the solution to the lengthy and sometimes damaging the cutting - split the crostini.

Capable of cutting suhariki products like ntakaki, rusk ouzo, bites, etc. kythyron and a large crostini both barley and stareniou, mulatto, etc.

Very friendly and easy to use and handle.

The main advantages of the machine are:

- Constant cutting of the product without altering the form (dent)

- Adjust the cutting height, according to the size of each product

- Adjust the desired row of knives cutting thickness

- Minimum load on the product and therefore little crumb (wastage)

- Huge productivity compared with conventional cutting

- Ability to choose the format tab (wild or smooth) so as not to close pores.

- Avoid making the product (depending on model)

- Ability to cut and engraved products (depending on model)

- Ability to adjust the camera in automatic lines (cold - dry)


This machine is available in 3 models and a special model of cutting height sensor so that it can meet the production needs a bakery and a large food industry.

The frame and all surfaces that come in contact with product are made of stainless steel materials certified for food

Meets all the requirements of the European Union on security issues (CE).